Summer Updates – From your new Program Managers!

Hey BU!

Thanks for checking out our blog! We are the new 2012 Program Managers for Alternative Spring Breaks, and we’re so excited to be working with the program this year! For more about us, click on the link at the top of the page for Program Managers.

We’re here at BU this summer working on organizing, planning, and prepping for an exciting year of ASB. So far, we’ve confirmed service projects with over 30 sites, and housing at the majority of those destinations. Additionally, we’re looking into adding at least two or three new sites, all of which look promising…but you’ll have to check back later to find out where!

Both of us have been involved in ASB for the last two years, and we’ve been reflecting (duh, it’s ASB!) on our past experiences with the program, putting our heads together and thinking of ways to make next year’s ASB better than ever. Namely, we’ve been focusing on reorganizing committees, by adding more structure and more fun.

Also, we’ve already put together our chaperone application and made it available on our website. If you’re a BU Faculty, Staff, or graduate student, be sure to check out the application and email us with any questions!

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the summer – including applications for Committee Leaders and Coordinators! In the meantime, do this poll for us plz? kthanksbyee

Leif and Suchie


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