New Site!


As promised, here’s our announcement of one of our brand new ASB trips for 2012! The new trip is …(Drumroll please)…

Crossville, Tennessee! We’ll be working with Cumberland Trial Conference (CTC), whose mission is to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Tennessee, conserve natural resources, and provide educational and recreational opportunities through its projects. Volunteers will build part of a 300-mile long foot trail, working alongside students from other schools and sharing housing and dining facilities provided by CTC. This project aims to preserve the historic Cumberland Plateau while providing a means to interconnect local communities.

One awesome aspect of this site is its educational focus. At the site, ASBers will engage in group learning activities alongside their service projects. For example, while working on a section of the trail, the group will be taught about the importance of their work through reflections, structured educational programming, and collaborations with other colleges. These elements make this trip unique from our other issue areas. So, this year, we’ve decided to add this trip to a new issue area: “Experiential Learning“, which captures the essence of this trip.

We’re really excited about this new site, and hope you are too! Check back soon for more announcements, including more sites and applications. Until then, we want to know what your favorite parts of ASB are. Vote below!


Leif & Suchie


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