Some Exciting ASB Updates!

Interested in learning more about the 37 ASB trips for spring break 2012? ASB trip blogs are now underway! Check out the 2012 Trip Blogs menu to meet this year’s coordinators and discover which volunteer organization interests you most. As we get closer to spring break, these blogs will be a great way to stay updated on your favorite trips.

If you’re interested in meeting some program managers and coordinators in person, come to the CSC’s 25th Birthday celebration on Friday, November 18th at 7pm under  GCB 750 Comm. Ave.  Don’t forget to mark December 6th on your calendars! ASB will be hosting a special event that night, bringing together on-campus groups with our talented coordinators to fundraise for the 2012 trips. Stay tuned for more event

Last but not least! Coordinators and program managers officially voted for this year’s ASB theme on Monday’s meeting. And the winner is (drum roll, please)…..Dinosaurs!
In the coming weeks, we’ll be prehistorically promoting ASB and designing some totally Triassic t-shirts for our volunteers.  Remember, just because it’s extinct doesn’t mean it’s out of style…Here is a t-shirt ideas featuring one of our very own ASB Coordinators:


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