What a Talented Group of Cos We Have

If we were to describe the ASB Coordinators in one word, we would say talented. After last night’s BU ASB Night of Talent, we’re not sure if there are any ASB Co’s without hidden talents. We have singers, dancers, comedians, magicians, you name it! Want to go to Des Moines, Iowa with an ASB CO who can sing better than Bon Iver? Done. How about going to Maine with an ASB CO who can give David Blaine a run for his money? Easy.

Our Night of Talent was a huge success! Taking place at BU Central on Tuesday, ASB CO’s and friends took to the stage to give some unforgettable performances. Performers included The Callbacks, Chordially Yours, The Bostones, Step About Boston, and tons of other talented ASB CO’s! The night included door prizes where two attendees won a BU hoodie and a BU hockey jersey. That hoodie may come in handy if you’re heading to a chillier locale for your ASB trip…

Speaking of ASB trips, have you decided where you want to go for ASB yet? The best way to find out more info is by stalking all of our trip blogs at. We’re all so excited to tell you more about our trips and express our excitement! Feel free to email any ASB CO’s if you want more information on a specific trip. After all, the more questions you ask, the more excited we’ll get!


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