Registration Eve Event!

Thanks to all of our prospective volunteers who came out to our Information Sessions earlier this week! Our Coordinators were thrilled to meet everyone, and are even more excited for you to Register this weekend. That’s right, our Registrationis this Sunday morning at 8AM online! Be sure to visit the Registration page for more information on how to volunteer with ASB.

In the meantime, if you have questions about ASB, Registration, or you’re in the mood to win some cool prizes, come to ASB Trivia and Registration Q&A at BU Central on Saturday, January 28th at 9pm!

We’ll be giving away awesome prizes – including a BU Hockey Jersey, a pair of Bose Headphones, and (drumroll) a First-Choice Trip! That’s right, one lucky winner will be able to select their trip THAT NIGHT!

So, if you want to have a shot at winning a spot in ASB and avoiding the 8AM wakeup for Registration, join us! The event will be followed by a Q&A about ASB and Registration, hosted by the Program Managers.

See you all this weekend!


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