The Final Countdown to ASB

Alternative Spring Breaks is finally almost here. Four days from this very moment over 400 volunteers will be in vans, planes, and buses all around the nation. Whether the students are sitting in a bus up to Orland, Maine, driving down the east coast to Hobe Sound, Florida, or flying over the Rocky Mountains to Seattle, Washington, these BU students will be about to impact 37 communities in the United States (and Puerto Rico!).

So as you’re in your final preparations before embarking on ASB, we’d like to offer out some helpful pointers that will enable you to have the most memorable ASB experience possible:

  • Make CDs or playlists for the van ride!
  • Play van games to make the time go by! Maybe trip to find a license plate from all 50 states?
  • Take lots of pictures!
  • Be prepared to learn something about the issue area you are volunteering in. You never know what you can learn while volunteering
  • Try something for the first time! Whether it be driving a 12-passanger van for the first time or trying a new food, we guarantee you will have the opportunity to try something new on ASB
  • Lastly, come with an open mind! You are going to meet new people, see new places, and volunteer. Having an open mind will make your ASB experience constantly enjoyable

We hope you are all as excited as we are for ASB. Also, make sure you express your excitement all throughout Spring Break by tweeting with the hashtag #buasb! All tweets with #buasb will be live streamed on the BU Today homepage so that your friends and family can follow what ASB volunteers are doing all around the nation!

Have fun and drive safely!


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