Post-Break, and a Preview of Coming Attractions!

Hey ASB fans!

We hope you all had wonderful, exciting, and unique experiences on this year’s Boston University Alternative Spring Breaks trips! Here’s just a quick post, with some pertinent information for anyone who can’t get enough ASB in their life (and that should be everyone!):

Post-Break 2012: Did you volunteer with us on ASB 2012? Missing your trip already? Join us tonight at 7PM in the Photonic’s Building, 8 St. Mary’s St, on the 9th floor for some snacks, pictures, and fun! This is a great chance for a reunion, so we encourage everyone to swing by!

Program Manager Applications: Love ASB? Interested in writing in this blog, organizing volunteer work for BU students, and leading a group of passionate leaders all year long in leadership development? We hope you answered Yes, all of the above! If so, we encourage you to apply for a Program Manager position. Click here for a job description and application. Due by April 13th!

Please Noteapplications for ASB Coordinator and Committee Leader positions will be available early this summer, so stay tuned to this website for more information!

Want to volunteer with your trip one last time? Be sure to sign up for Boston University’s Global Day of Service! Sites are still open and accepting volunteers until April 8th, so hurry and sign up to serve with the greater BU community.

And, just a quick preview – we will be uploading selected photos from all of the trips, as well as all of the press ASB 2012 got, within the coming weeks. Check back early and often for more information!

We can’t wait to see you all tonight!


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