Happy June!

Hey ASB-lovers!

June is here, which means a few things. First of all, BU’s spring break is 276 days away! Secondly, the reigns have been passed from the 2012 Program Managers, Leif & Suchie, to the 2013 Program Managers: Alys McAlpine & Bethany Reynolds.

For more info on the new PMs, check out our updated Program Managers Tab. We know it’s early to think about the upcoming school year, but ASB is a great opportunity to get involved with BU and the Community Service Center. We’ll be updating soon with information on how to apply to be a Chaperone, Committee Leader, or Coordinator, which are exciting leadership positions for students and staff in the BU community.

If you’re looking for summer volunteering opportunities, send the CSC an email! We’d love to help you volunteer with BU or the Boston community: bucsc@bu.edu. If you’re an incoming student, check out the First-Year Student Outreach Project too! It’s a great way to start out your time at BU (and you get to do awesome service)!


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