Say Hello to Our New Committee Chairs!

These are the Committee Chairs for ASB 2013! From left to right, between Bethany and Alys:

Swanson Ninan, Pre-Break/Post-Break Chair, avid lover of the game Two Truths & a Lie, and great inventor of ghost stories;

Cherise Fields, Donations & Fundraising Chair, former Prom Queen, and now-camper extraordinaire;

Krystyne Basa, Pre-Break/Post-Break Chair, conqueror of the Alps, and master of three languages;

Chen Cao, Social Events Chair, inventor of the game Mingle, and fixer of all phones;

Matt Sullivan, Transportation Chair, AstroCamp geek, and fire-making master;

Jack Schell, Scholarship & Database Chair, terrible liar, who has met Bill Cosby;

and, Miles Greene, PR & Advertising Chair, photo winner for Jones Soda, and originator of the purple sweatshirt trend.

These seven will be around the office helping out, so feel free to stop by and say hi. They’re a great bunch and very excited to make a fantastic ASB!


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