When is Boston University’s Alternative Spring Break?
March 9-17, 2013

How many trips are there?
There are 39 ASB trips this year, which you can read about on the trip page!

How many total spots are available in ASB?
There are over 400 spots available in ASB at all levels of involvement; over 300 Volunteers, 78 Coordinators, 39 Chaperones, 5 Committee Leaders, and two Program Managers participate each year.

How many Volunteer spots are available?
Over 300 spots are available on 39 trips.

How many Volunteers go on each trip?
Typically, van trips have 11 total participants, public transportation trips have 15 total participants, and flying trips have 14 total participants. Each of those figures accounts for the two trip Coordinators, a faculty/staff/graduate student chaperone, and volunteers.

Who can participate in BU ASB?
All current Boston University undergraduate students, freshmen through seniors, are welcome to register. We regret that graduate students cannot participate as volunteers; however, graduate students are welcome to apply to be Chaperones.

Do I need to have experience with the Community Service Center or with Alternative Spring Breaks to be a volunteer?
No, you don’t have to have any experience with the CSC or ASB.

What makes ASB an Alternative to the traditional college spring break?
Alternative Spring Breaks (ASB) promotes community service, develops leadership skills, and creates strong bonds among its participants through engaging group service projects. Participants are required to abstain from using any drugs or alcohol during the entire duration of each trip, even if they are of legal age. This Zero Tolerance policy highlights each volunteer’s commitment to service, and helps maintain an active, engaging volunteer environment for all participants.

Where are we going this year?
You can check out the trip list here!

When is Registration?
We don’t have a set date for registration, but it will be taking place in December.

How will Registration work?
Details regarding the online process will be posted on the Registration page.

How much is ASB?
Van Trips: $400; Public Transportation Trips: $350; Boston: $200; Flying Trips: $900

Are scholarships available?
Yes. Scholarship info will be on our website in the coming weeks.

I love social media. How can I follow ASB?
Follow us on Twitter: @BUASB, or find us on Facebook


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