Committee Chairs

(From left to right: Chen Cao; Miles Greene; Matt Sullivan; Jack Schell; Krystyne Basa; Swanson Ninan; Cherise Fields)

Fall 2012 Office Hours:

Miles, PR & Ad: Tues. 3-5; Fri. 3-4

Chen, Social: Mon. 3-4; Tues. 9-10; Fri. 9-10

Matt, Transportation: Mon. 3-4; Wed. 2-4

Krystyne & Swanson, Pre- & Post-Break: Wed. 12-2; Fri. 3-4

Cherise, Donations & Fundraising: Fri. 2-5

Jack, Scholarship & Database: Mon. 3-4; Thurs. 12-2

Committee Chairs work with coordinators, other Chairs, and Program Managers to complete different tasks for ASB. All Committee Chairs will act as leaders for the program in addition to responsibilities of their individual positions.

The responsibilities include the following:

Donations & Fundraising Chair: Organize fundraising events with coordinators before ASB to increase the scholarship fund. Plans raffles and prizes for ASB events. Helps communicate with various sponsors and donors in the Boston area as well as the various cities we work in during ASB. Serves as the primary contact for parent and alumni sponsors.

Public Relations & Advertising Chair: Oversees advertising campaign for ASB coordinator, chaperone, and volunteer recruitment, including updates on social networks such as the ASB blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Create a t-shirt design with the Coordinators for all participants. Generate press through local and national media. Works closely with the CSC’s PR team.

Scholarships & Database Chair: Works closely with the Harris Registration system and Dean of Students to ensure the electronic registration process runs adequately. Oversees the volunteer/coordinator database and scholarship database and decisions. Assists with office work in the CSC. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel required. Organization is key for this position.

Pre-Break/Post-Break Chairs (2): Plans Pre-Break and Post-Break for volunteers and Coordinators, including educational aspects of pre- and post-break events. Helps create social events for volunteer to facilitate group bonding.

Social Events Chair: Organizes social events for Coordinators and Chairs, including retreats and ice breakers. Helps facilitate meetings between smaller groups of Coordinators, as well as all-staff meetings.

Transportation Chair: Liaison between the Program Managers and Coordinators for trip length, directions, and overall organization of all transportation logistics, which includes vans, public transportation, and flights. Also coordinates the van training of all coordinators and interested volunteers and chaperones.

As compensation for their contributions to the program, Committee Chairs are given the opportunity to participate in a trip of their choice for free.


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